Meaningless acts for meaningless objects

14 sculpture-objects, 2011

After returning from Brazil at the beggining of 2011, André Trindade found objects of all kinds thriving in his studio. While attempting to reorganize the space and throw useless items away, he noticed that some of the objects seemed to have evolved into sculptures by themselves, while others communicated with each other and the artist in search of their 'right place'.

I've dropped some paint on a sofa because I had the paint and the sofa

A perfect chair to put on a perfect box it's perfect

Meaningless object nº1 that relates to meaningless object nº2

Meaningless object nº2 that relates to meaningless object nº1

This was supposed to be a sculpture and now it is

Objects that go along with each other just fine

Chair stick ball!

Free style

Drop it!

It took me 30 years to put them together (1981-2011)

What's behind the curtain

What you see it's what you get

Raw Power

Painted painting